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Why Sudan?

In 2009-2010, Ingvild and Anniken were working in the city of Port Sudan, and they soon became aware of the homeless population in the coastal town. No organisation provided this marginalised group with any services at this time. There was however a group of people who had been working to help them, but lacked the resources and had to stop. They so much wanted to change the situation for these people - and thus their local community.

Founders and board members

Back in Norway, Ingvild and Anniken founded the organisation 'From Street to Safety' together with Taha and Merete in December 2011. Today, 'From Street to Safety' is managed by the organisation’s Board of directors, whose task it is to support the development of the activities in Sudan, and help raise funds for the daily operations of the centre - supporting and supplementing local efforts in Sudan. All activity and board work in Norway is done on a voluntary basis.

'From Street to Safety' is registered in the Norwegian frivillighetsregisteret. Our org. number is
997 940 652.

2012: The first centre in Port Sudan opens

In 2012 we reached our first goal - to raise enough money for our sister organisation to start a day centre for children and youth working and living in the streets in Port Sudan. The centre opened its doors in September 2012.


In 2016, the day centre in Port Sudan had almost 500 users every month, and 39 children could go to school with help from the organisation. Going from street children to school kids means a big difference for future opportunities. We are very grateful for everything our donors have helped us achieve! The money to run the centre now comes from private donors, from schools in Norway, and from partners in Sudan. We terminated our funding of the centre in Port Sudan in 2018.

2017: Building up a new centre in Kassala

In 2017, Ingvild and Taha moved back to Sudan, with a goal to start a day care center in the city of Kassala, near the border of Eritrea. The challenges are significant here, and nobody has an overview of how many kids are working and living in the streets. We want to offer a safe place to help kids and youth go to school instead of begging, stealing or doing small jobs on the streets. 


The centre is now up and running, thanks to generous help from organisations, individuals, schools and other actors in Kassala and Norway. Thank you!

Oslo, Norway

Port Sudan and Kassala, Sudan

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