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Creative fundraising

Are you creative and could like to help us raise funds for our projects?


In the past, we have had organized successful events like concerts, flee markets and stand up shows, and we have also produced Christmas cards.


We are looking forward to hearing your ideas!


Organisational development

Supporting and sponsoring an organization in another country is exiting, demanding, fun and interesting. If you are interested in contributing to our strategic, financial and organisational work, please do not hesitate to contact us.


We are interested in establishing partnerships with schools, companies and other organisations.


Our vision is that the children going to school in Sudan will get a sister class or a sister school in Norway, enabling the children in both countries to learn about another culture.


We also wish to come in touch with companies and organisations interested in a partnership with us. Contact us to discuss how we can help each other in a potential partnership.


We can provide e.g. presentations about both Sudan, the humanitarian situation in Eastern Sudan and our projects. 



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